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Program (R/3 4.6C)
Example 1: ZSOFTCOPY
Example 2: ZDB
Example 3: ZUTIL
GNU General Public License


With SoftCopy you can download your in SE80 developed applications as web portal to your harddisk and then read them offline in your web browser. Look and feel of the web portal is alike SE80.
SoftCopy downloads sources package wise. Dependencies are ignored for performance reasons.
Focus is the documentation of source code. Transport from one SAP system to another is not provided.

SoftCopy has been released under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

Latest release is: 20130201.

For installation download just only the current release, copy it into a new report (SE38), activate and execute.

With the current SoftCopy release following can be downloaded:

  • Package
    • Dictionary Objects
      • Database Tables
      • Views
      • Table types
      • Structures
      • Data Elements
      • Domains
      • Search Helps
      • Lock Objects
      • Type Groups
    • Class Library
      • Classes
      • Interfaces
    • Programs
    • Function Groups
      • [Funktion Group]
        • Function Modules
        • Screens
        • Includes
    • Includes
    • Transactions
    • Message Classes
    • SET/GET Parameters
    • Authorization Object
    • Transformations
    • BSP Library
      • BSP Applications
        • Controller
        • Views
        • Pages with Flow Logic
        • Page Fragments
        • MIMEs
      • BSP Extensions
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